Glasspirits is an American Alternative Rock band formed by singer Joanna Jose Glass and drummer Abe Perez.

LYRICS - Charlize by Joanna Glass

Music & Lyrics by Joanna Glass
© 2011 BMI Gloucester Entertainment

[VERSE 1]:

You say "watsup" and shake my hand
You sing to me.  See you again.
We knock our knees, you lean on me
Rub my tights and give my arm a squeeze

Around the Fur and around the bend
Around the mountain and inside your head
Can't see your face but I hear your voice
Can't forget those eyes if I had a choice

Charlize, I don't want to let you go
I'll be the one you'll wait your whole life for

[VERSE 2]:
Saw you on a sadderday night
Wanna get ma gun and shoot that bitch who kissed you. She kissed me, too.

They cramp our style in 1 hot minute
We're sick in the head, but let's roll and bring it
Look me in the eyes; do you mean business?
You're meant for me and God's my witness

Charlize, I can never let you go
Gonna make you mine. I've got all the time in the world

I'm a woman and I'm a friend
and I'm gonna let you in, in every way

Charlize, I won't ever let you go
You're the only one immersed in the depths of my soul

I'm a woman and I'm a friend; are you gonna let me in, in every way?
In every way.

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