Studio Diary: Guitar Legend Donny Simmons (formerly from Yankee Rose and Stormer) Sits in to Record as a Guest Artist on a song in Glasspirits's debut Album

Yesterday, I had the honor of recording one of the most talented, thoughtful and humble guitarists, Donny Simmons. I had a blast getting to know him and his childhood friend Bill, his thoughts on creativity, the entertainment industry and the musical historical gem that is La Puente and the San Gabriel Valley.

Many of Abe’s friends already know that Donny and Abe played together in a band called Yankee Rose. But for many of my peers in a different generation who may not know, Yankee Rose was one of the biggest bands to make their rounds in the Golden Age of the Sunset Strip, playing alongside bands like Stormer and Van Halen in the early 80’s.

With a distinguishable vibrato, emotive bends and an impressive ability to harmonize, improvise and elaborate on a given melody, pound for pound, Donny is one of the best musicians alive. I’m really blessed to be on the same track as him and create an opportunity for Abe and Donny to reunite. In our session at CafĂ© Cubano, in La Puente, Donny laid down leads for one of our tracks, a cover which we’ll reveal and surprise our friends and fans with in due time.

This track will be on Glasspirits’s debut album, featuring Abe Perez on drums and percussion,  and, myself, Joanna Glass on vocals, bass, keyboard, and violin.

Thank you, everyone for the patience, support and enthusiasm. We can’t wait to finish this album and bring you joy with our music!

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