Soundcheck #1 - A Message From Abe

Here is a message from Abe, posted earlier from his Facebook Page:
"This band is going to be the most different band I've ever been in. Not only because we're 2 people, but all the different instruments that we're going to play in different songs. It's going to be part acoustic part electric and part experimental rock.
There will be enough equipment on that stage to make it seem like a 6 piece band, but it's not. It's going to surprise the shit out of everyone that sees us. They're not going to believe two people can create this much variation of music.
Joanna Glass is the songwriter/lead vocals/keyboards/electric violin and she figured out a way to split her guitar and play bass with the first two notes and rhythm with the rest of the notes and it sounds like the rhythm guitar and bass at the same time.
I'm playing acoustic drums, electric drums, congas, the cajon and keyboards and also write some of the music.
It's going to be great."
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